Air freight shipping from Moscow to Khanty-Mansiysk

Tariffs are valid from 01.11.2023
Airport of departure: Sheremetevo
Air carrier Aeroflot
Minimal weight 30

Cargo weight, (kg)
more then 1000
from 500 to 1000
from 300 to 500
from 100 to 300
from 50 to 100
to 50
Price for 1kg, (rub.)
Calculation of the cost of cargo transportation.
Cargo weight (kg) Cargo volume (m3)
Calculation is approximate, without airport charges. Check with the manager.


All prices are indicated in rubles per 1 kf of cargo including VAT. Heavyweight shipping (1 unit with weight over 80 kg) - price is negotiable. You will be charged for warehousing and a consignment note If you return the goods. Cargo insurance - 0,2% of the declared amount. Express shipment: 5 rub/kg (on the day of delivery of the goods to the terminal). Custom clearance services - price is negotiable. The cost of additional services of cargo terminals at the airports of departure and arrival is paid additionally. Shipping of urgent cargo, live animals, birds, fish, insects, flowers, plants, eggs, perishable, oversized and dangerous goods is produced on preliminary agreement and negotiable price.